This is where we are with Technology

This is where we are with Technology - Frank Ries

One night my wife and I were discussing how technology has become so necessary and how it has taken over what we do on a regular basis, and transforming us to need things on a regular basis. Scary right? That's how I feel but I ask you: Are you in top ranks of the technology world? Do you know what's new? Do you ask yourself what's next? How about your children? Do you see them using computers? It's like they're geniuses, it seems to be they are graduating before they're even born. Older parents are a little out of touch, so I guess we need to update our knowledge and keep current about modern technology that surrounds us all.

Nowadays, it is  like: laptops are PCs, tablets are laptops, and PCs are mega systems. That’s how I am looking at it. We went from the floppy disk to the hard drive, and now the SATA Dom. You may ask what is that? The SATA Dom is sort of a small memory stick but it is bigger and it saves more information. It is also more compact and has more data storage. Depending on the size or capacity you're looking for, you can get anything you need. This new method is more risky than a hard drive because is not recoverable if it breaks but it does the job.

So one Saturday morning my son and I were watching TV and my son loves to use my phone so he's always fiddling with it and playing with it. I was watching television on my Samsung Smart TV and out of nowhere my son changed the channel from my phone. I asked how he had sone that. He said, and I quote, “Daddy I downloaded an application that is called Smart TV and I can change the channels and manage the TV with it." Of course I was amazed that my 5 year old son could change the TV from my phone and I hadn't know you could even do that. Wow.

So I ask: Where is it going to take us? What’s next? On a day to day basis the world changing. Is it changing for the best? I hope so. I know it's about making our lives easier, but is it really? What happened to the old days, when you had visited someone to have a conversation? Now we have Skype, or ooVoo, or we have Facebook. We no longer take a moment out of our day to spend with family and friends. Rather, we communicate on mobile devices, via email and social networks. We need to think about what we're doing with technology and if it is really helping us. I hope that we can benefit from it and not suffer from it.