Where To Place Keywords On Your Wesbite

Where To Place Keywords On Your Wesbite - Frank Ries

Once I started doing SEO for my website and online shop I discovered that where I placed keywords were of great importance for my success and results. I followed the blog articles of the SEO Toronto company and I placed a lot of keywords in the headlines of my WebPages but it wasn't enough. Here is the list of some other places on the website I inserted my keywords in.

Meta tag of description: Description of my website's page.

Meta tag of description contains the short description of the webpage's content. It looks like a short text of the announcement which is to attract attention of visitors to my webpage. I used target keywords but I remembered that the words used there weren't always to influence the positions or rankings of my website in search engines. At the same time they would give the search engine's users an understanding of my webpage's content.

What about the description's meta tag? It functions in a different manner on different search engines. For example, the meta description is not very important for Google. Google's search bot studies the webpage's text and shows the search result from the text's fragment which surrounds the keyword or in the user's search query.

However, knowing the importance of the meta description for other search engines, such as Yahoo! or Yandexthat use it in search results and put the link leading to the website directly above it, I knew the importance of the "filling" of such meta tags for each page of my website.

I used the following principles for creating the description of my webpage:

- Different search engines permit different lengths of the descriptive text. I stuck to the rule that my descriptions were to contain 25-30 words or 150 symbols. Usually, that is sufficient to write one or two sentences which could be viewed by a potential webite visitor in his or her search results.
- Each page of the website is to have its own unique meta tag of the description.
- The meta tag of the description is to contain the text relevant to the page, as well as matching keywords.
- The text in the meta tag of the description is to be different from the text in the headline's tag. It is to be different from the text in the first paragraph of the text on the page. I place the text describing my webpage making a person visit my website to see its content.