Weekends at the sports bar

Weekends at the sports bar - Frank Ries

Every weekend since college has been spent at the same sports bar watching football with my buddies. I should probably be getting on with this growing up stuff that I keep hearing about but it all seems like a little bit too much effort to me, plus the time spent with the boys cannot be underestimated.

A favourite place has one of the biggest awning Montreal that I have ever seen and there are few things better in life than sitting outdoors with a plate of hot wings and enjoying the game with a few beers while we cheer on whatever team we have placed a bet on.

You meet all sorts of people at these places, and the best part is that they always have at least one thing in common with you so it’s easy to get on with everyone. I can’t imagine so many great times being spent under any of the other awnings in Montreal, or so many conversations about the statistical possibilities of a player doing one thing or the other for that matter.

I swear sometimes I feel like my friends and I are single-handedly keeping the place in business as we have spent so much time there and we have a pretty big group to begin with. Granted it’s not large enough to completely fill up the space underneath one of the biggest awnings in Montreal around, but we are definitely a noticeable crowd whenever we walk into the place.

It’s absolutely magic whenever a really good game is one as well. The entire bar will be absolutely buzzing, with each moment of action in the game causing a stir amongst the crowd that just swells and swells until everybody is cheering and enjoying the game as one. It’s the next best thing to watching the game in a stadium, which is probably not something you could say about any of the other awnings in Montreal.

Sometimes I fear that I will eventually have to change my weekend ritual. After all, we are still young men but eventually jobs, marriage and life, in general, is going to get in the way in some form or another. My plan is to just make the absolute most out of it that I can for as long as I can. I’m heading down there next weekend again and I can't wait to see my friends.