Renovating the Office Carpark

Renovating the Office Carpark - Frank Ries

My friend was absolutely ecstatic when I went to visit him the other day. We like to get together for a bit of a boy’s night every so often and the conversation usually gravitates to the sorts of subjects one would expect: sports, beer and women. It's cliché, yes, but it's also fun.

The last few weeks though all I've had to hear about was how the terrible state of my buddy’s office parking lot is going to ruin his car. Apparently the paving on the site is terrible. Pot holes are everywhere and the parking lot is supposedly something of a death trap. I have a suspicion my friend is perhaps exaggerating the details a little bit but it does sound like somebody needs to pull their finger out and get it fixed.

Luckily my friend tells me that it's finally happening. This morning he turned up to work and there was a park paving Edmonton company already setting up and ready for a day’s work. By the end of the day they had completely filled in all of the pot holes and given the entire area a nice new layer of park paving. I guess my friend’s car is safe for the time being.

You know what's worse than having to listen to your friend moan about the poor quality of the paving in the work's parking lot? Having to listen to him moan about how long it took him to find an another parking spot because he wasn't allowed to park on the place that he usually moans about because the work was still ongoing when he got there. I swear it's like a vicious cycle with him.

So I listened to him complain some more before finally turning the subject back towards something a little more in tune with our usual conversations. Before I knew it I was finally having a boy’s night where I didn’t have to talk about paving. What a relief.

We shot the breeze about our wives, what’s been happening in football and a bunch of other stuff. A few beers and a good night was had by all. By the time I got back home I have to admit that I was a little buzzed. At least my friend is happier now and I can finally escape the conversations about parking lots for a little while and we can start chatting about something new.