Our Experience With Mold

Our Experience With Mold - Frank Ries

I am a science teacher at a local school in Montreal and I want to save you from what I have gone through. The only reason why I am sharing my experience with you is because I want to spare you all the pain and hassle my family and I had to deal with.

We were new to Montreal and after moving to the city, we searched a house for ourselves where we could settle. After doing some research and contacting some real estate agents, we were able to find a house which perfectly fulfilled our requirements. Having a family of five, we needed a three to four bedroom house, with a spacious kitchen, a laundry, a drawing room, a dining room and a courtyard. And we had found just such a house. We all were very happy and started to clean it so we could set it as soon as possible.

I was the eldest son of the family and therefore, I had more responsibility to have it set. The house was wooden and I was loving it. I had always wanted a wooden house and now I had it. But what I did not know was the hassle which was coming our way. The drawing and dining room were connected, the ones that had been set and were used the least. We used to eat on the small dining table in the kitchen and we enjoyed it there. The drawing and dining room were intended for guests and we were not going to have any soon. And nobody went to the drawing and dining as we had nothing to do there.

It had been two months there and we were living quite happily. But every now and then, we would smell a disgusting scent. We were unable to trace it, let alone know what it was. One day my mom went to the dining room to take out some dishes when to her surprise she was greeted by the same smell, but this time the odour was very strong. When she explored, she explored further, she discovered that the furniture and the floor had caught mold and we knew nothing about mold removal in Montreal.

All the furniture was destroyed and what we needed to do was to find some mold removal company which would help us in our hour of difficulty. We were distressed as it was all new. We had to bear the loss, but what else could be done?