My Adventure with Blacktop Paving

My Adventure with Blacktop Paving - Frank Ries

My wife and I have recently moved  into a gorgeous little neighbourhood just on the outskirts of Kent in the UK. I have to admit I love everything about the place, from the front room right through to the bathroom. Unfortunately it’s something of a different story once you get outside.

The previous occupants don’t appear to have been the most house-proud folks in the world and they let the front garden get a little too overgrown. Seriously it’s like walking through a jungle trying to navigate my way to the front door at times. We knew this when we bought the house, of course, and have seen that little front area as something of a fixer-upper.

Now neither my wife nor I are particularly keen gardeners so we had been discussing exactly how we were going to deal with this mini-Amazon rainforest we had growing outside. I suggested buying an enormous amount of weed killer and destroying everything in sight just to see exactly what we might have left to work with. My wife, in response, teased me and said that if we were going to that that we may as well just rip the whole thing up and do something completely different.

Now that idea got my gears turning and I started researching for ways that I could transform this wretched garden into something that could actually be useful for us and would make the house look million times better. While thinking about what I could do I realised that there is something that my house wassorely lacking – somewhere to park the car. At the moment we are having to park on the street outside as the house doesn’t have a driveway or a parking garage.

So the decision was made: we would get rid of the garden, uproot the myriad plants and build a decent driveway on which we could park the family car. There are a bunch of ways that you can go about building a driveway and during my research I came across something known as blacktop paving Edmonton.

For me it had to be the superior option compared to the bricks and pebbles that we were finding their way onto other people's driveways. My wife agreed and we decided to go the blacktop paving route. Let me tell you, after about a month’s worth of work getting rid of that hideous garden, the feeling of satisfaction I had when I saw that gorgeous blacktop paving go down and our little driveway developed was truly second to none.