Meeting The Experts in Canvas Printing

Meeting The Experts in Canvas Printing - Frank Ries

There are some people who have been in canvas printing for a very long time. They have gone up to the extent of knowing the different dimensions that are there to be used. They as a matter of fact mention them without the slightest hesitation. They don’t struggle to offer you advice on the best combination of dimensions to use in order to achieve good results.

Recently I was privileged to meet one of the folks who have that kind of knowledge. One observation that I have made is that most of the folks like these who are very knowledgeable are very friendly. On top of that, they are very accommodating and they have a lot of patience. Ask them as many questions as possible and they will answer you without any hesitation.

When I realized whom I was dealing with, I just calmed down and gave him all my attention. He sat me down and started his talk. I was busy learning about how to become seasoned in canvas printing. The man was very calm and precise to the point; he could not proceed until he was certain that all that he had said was clear. At the end, there was an extraordinary session which helped recapitulate what we had gone through. He was calm once again and I emulated that, I did not stop there. I taught myself to be calm and I want to continue being calm no matter what happens throughout. It is indeed a very good experience because you get to interact with different people and you share a lot. Sharing brings about continuous learning because you get to frequently meet people who are knowledgeable and you get to pick one or two benefits from them.

So far, I realized one thing from this man. The more you love an art, the more it stays in you such that you forget about struggling to grasp some concepts that exist within the art. This was something that made a lot of sense to me because I saw it practically. This man was busy explaining to me from his head without the slightest concern of having a reference and he was talking sense from the beginning to the end. I gave him a big applause for the information that he shared which was enlightening the mind so much. This is what I normally like and I do not want to stay far from folks like these ones.