Getting Rid of Pesticides

Getting Rid of Pesticides - Frank Ries

I swear I just can’t win at the moment. You may remember me talking about how I had a company come in to carry out air quality testing a few weeks back and how they had found many traces of rat droppings in the air. This resulted in me calling the pest control company so that I could deal with the rat problem I apparently had.

To my greatest of joys, the pest company not only found the source of my rat problem but also found the source of a cockroach infestation that I never even knew I had. How is it possible for me to have never seen evidence of this until now?

Anyway, as you can probably guess, I have had to have the house fumigated in an effort to get rid of the problems once and for all. Everything seemed to be on the up when I was finally given the ok to move back into my home, but I figured I would have the air quality testing Montreal company come back in just to make sure that everything was ok.

All I can say is that I really want to get my hand on the pest control company now. The new air quality testing found that, though my house is now free of the faecal matter that had been in the air, I now have an even bigger problem: pesticides.

It would appear that the pest control company didn’t do a very god job of ventilating my house after they had done their thing, as there are still plenty of traces of the pesticides that they have used in the air. I would never have even known if I didn’t have somebody in to carry out air quality testing again for me.

The guys that did the testing reckon that the traces will probably be gone in a few weeks, but the fact that I was even allowed back into the house at all under these conditions is quite disturbing. Surely I should have been told that this might be an issue before I moved back in, so that I could make a decision about whether or not to go back as quickly as I did.

As you can imagine, it has left me pretty shaken and I have decided to get a hotel room for the next week or so.