Everything changes

Everything changes - Frank Ries

When I moved to West Island, ten years ago, I was so happy with the fact that it was a quiet neighbourhood. The only noise one could hear during the long summer day would come from the grass cutting machines. Except that, it was all peaceful.

Nowadays I found that my neighbourhood changed a lot. More houses have been built, more people moved in. More cars passing by the street meant a lesser safer area for our children, and obviously more noise. Not to mention that the traffic became terrible. From my house until the entrance to the Highway 40 East, there are more and more traffic that are causing much more delays.

I often thought of purchasing of bicycle and bike all the way to work. It would definitely be much faster and I would save on the gas. The only problem is that my knees are not up to the task.  My knee ligament surgery prevents me from doing any straining physical activity. Otherwise, I would have done it.

Within the past ten years, there have been so many houses sold and bought around us that it is hard to keep track with who lives here. We used to have more interactions with our neighbours. We used to have a barbecue together or a drink in the weekends, while our children were playing together.

Well, all that changed. Now, we don't talk much with our neighbours. Not because we wouldn't like to have a friendly relationship. Mainly, because they never showed any interest in it. It seems that everyone wants to keep everything private, behind locked doors or tall gates.

A few months back, I remember my wife invited the neighbours and their kids to come over and use our in ground pool. Despite the fact that their children would have loved it, no one came.

Given that there are no public pools in the neighbourhood, and there was no water playground in the park, we thought that the neighbours would appreciate the offer of using our big pool. We were wrong.

I wouldn't have mind having a chat even with my noisy neighbour, who lives on the left of our house, although he wakes up very early each Saturday morning, with the sound of his noisy hobby cnc cutting machine.

I guess that the society changed. People became more individualistic than ever.