The Construction Company

The Construction Company - Frank Ries

I had heard about park paving in different countries but never had I come across anything like park paving Edmonton. It was my civil engineering project as I was in the final year and I was required to submit a project based on a topic of my choice. I was interested in the construction and maintenance of roads and such, I chose to make my project on road construction companies that worked in different parts of the world.

Working on the project made me come across a variety of companies which have been providing services of road construction and maintenance in their own country. However, when I came across Canada, I was profoundly impressed by Alberta asphalt in Edmonton. I was surprised to see how well established the city is and when I dug further into the matter, I came to know that it was all due to the services provided by the company.

I was so impressed by the engineering and functionality of the company that I wanted to know the details of the company. Therefore, I surfed the internet in order to know the details of the amazing construction company. What amazed me more was that the company had been providing its invaluable services to the area for more than 35 years. The services provided by the company included construction and maintenance of the roads, covering commercial, industrial and residential sites. The company has largely contributed to the development of Edmonton and believes in offering quality services.

The company has clear objectives of working using recycling technology so the environment can be protected and so cheaper and cost effective solutions can be offered. Not only this, but the employees of the company are also carefully trained so as to provide services which are in the best interests of its stakeholders.

The details of the company amazed me a lot and while completing my project, I kept wondering about the company. I worked hard enough on my project and finally completed it. Upon results, I got the good news that my project was the best amongst all which made me top my group.

Now, upon completing my degree, I was wondering about applying for jobs but at the back of the mind. I had park paving in Edmonton in mind. Luckily, I was going through internet job sites when I saw a job advertisement from the company which needed a fresh graduate. I jumped with excitement and opened it to apply!