Computers Using Apple Memory Are For a Certain Class of People

Computers Using Apple Memory Are For a Certain Class of People - Frank Ries

Apple computers come with a solidity that cannot be matched by personal computers. They perform in certain areas where personal computers cannot. These are among the advantages that Apple computers have. This is the reason why the computer is one of those that are looked after by a certain class of people. When this reality came to light of a few guys who are normally considered as lacking knowledge of computers, there was some laughter on what a few of them did.

There was an influential businessman in one town that was respected for the wealth that he had. One disadvantage that he had however was the fact that he never went to school. He was stubborn as he always used to argue with his advisors. When the news of Apple computers reached him, he didn't give it a second thought. As soon as he had heard about this news he rushed to the shop and bought an Apple computer. He never took time to study the computer and know how it could help him. He just took to the streets and started announcing that he had become a dot com. People were secretly laughing at him, but he was too proud to notice what was going on. Whenever he used to go to official functions where he was invited, he would carry his computer, a fact that did not amuse any of the guests. Most of them were people who were literate and used to appreciate computers. His interaction was boring because he was trying to impress them through his very shallow knowledge of computers and many soon would leave his company. One typical thing that he used to do was talk about apple memory to whomever he interacted with.

This behavior continued for some time until people started calling him Apple memory wherever he went. This was not all, whenever people saw him coming, they would welcome him and once he sat down then each one of them would leave in turns and look for another place to sit. This continued for a long time before the guy came to understand what was going on. After some time, he had to pull himself away from this crowd that did not appreciate him at all. He had to lock himself up with his Apple computer and try to look for something else that could amuse people afresh.