Burning Rubber... To A Point

Burning Rubber... To A Point - Frank Ries

I love my car. My parents finally caved into my constant whining and I finally have a vehicle to call my own. If nothing else it is going to make getting to and from college a lot easier.

Let's be honest though. In reality I wanted this thing so I could start burning a little rubber on the asphalt Edmonton with my buddies. Of course, burning rubber may be something of a misnomer seeing as there are more than a few laws in place that prevent me from doing just that. I confess that the thought is there, at least.

I think what we will do instead is go out on a few road trips. Just me, my friends and the asphalt guiding us to our next destination. I've already asked around and we all have next weekend free so I figure I'll get the guys to chip in a little money for gas and we will be on our way.

I suppose the question now is: Where to? The temptation is to just get out on the asphalt and see where the road takes us but it's not quite that easy. It gets cold out here sometimes and the car I have is great but hardly the newest thing in the world. I reckon we should make a plan to visit somewhere that we haven't been before and go from there.

Next time I see the guys we'll have a word and see if there's anywhere that any of us want to go. I'm not so bothered about trying to find a party or anything like that, plus I have no intentions of getting drunk and then trying my luck with the asphalt in Edmonton; but somewhere that is a little different from the norm would definitely be a bonus.

Until then I suppose I'd best practice my driving a little bit. I haven't really left the town since I got this car so if we are going long distance, I need to be confident enough in my driving abilities to do so. I might pick up a few bits and pieces while I'm at it; stuff like blankets and hot water bottles, just in case we do run into a little bit of trouble and end up stranded in the car somewhere in the cold. Still, I'm excited. A whole new world of possibilities has been opened up to me.