By a beautiful morning

By a beautiful morning - Frank Ries

I love waking up early during the week-end. I love it because at that time the city seems deserted, as most of the people of the city are still in their beds, enjoying their rest. During the week, I have no time to go out or meet any of my friends.

On Saturdays and Sundays I do my best to make time for most of them. I start my day with a cup of mocha and a grilled cheese sandwich. I guess you probably know it by now that I am addicted to cheese. I adore cheese! All sorts of cheese.

Once I had my breakfast, I bundle up and grab my camera bag. Before heading out I ensure that I have everything inside the bag: the camera, a spare battery and two or three memory cards.

Each Saturday, I like to venture on the city's streets looking for new material. Everywhere I’d go, I always found a story. The diversity of this city and its inhabitants allows me to have a rich source of inspiration.

I regularly spend about three or four hours wondering around, taking photos of everything that catches my eyes. During winter, depending on the weather, I may stay less than two hours. But even in that short window of time, I am able to snatch some amazing pics.

Once my photo session is done, I always like to go for a brunch at a small bistro on Masson Street. It’s not too far from home (actually is within walking distance), the food is great and the waitresses are young, pretty and friendly. You can’t ask for more, right?

By now, they all know me. Since I show up in there each Saturday, they also know my favorite dish and that I like to read while I am eating. One of the girls working there, she thought I was a professional photographer. She was misled by the fact that I was always carrying my camera with me.

Today I had skip my Saturday's brunch. At 9:00 AM, I had to go for a Dental Emergencies Boisbriand.I had a toothache for more than a week now, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to do something with that issue.

Looking on the bright side, I still had time to go out in the afternoon and meet some of my friends.